#Apr. 28

"'What are you crying for?' asked Whomper nearby.

'I don't know, but it feels nice,' replied Misabel." #Moominsummer Madness

I will never learn. #µetry

MUTTS for Cat Scratch toy co. #hi-top sneaks

alternate covers for µetry #µetry

"When a man thinks, there is a spot of fire alive in his mind - and it's proper that he should have the burning point of a cigarette as his one expression." #Atlas Shrugged, which I have read


"He felt a sense of change, of loss.  He longed to say to someone - and who could it be but Harriet? - 'I can only fail.  Never expect anything.  Because of some flaw in me, some wrongness, I can neither succeed nor admit defeat and between the two wait cynically for nothing whatsoever.  When I am touched, I give a false note, like a cracked glass's." #A Game Of Hide And Seek

"He sat in the bus w/ an aloof air as if he were unaccustomed to doing so." #A Game Of Hide And Seek

It's not a pun don't f*ck w/ me. #neighbourhood

Dinosaur is actual scale. #fossil diorama

ody fallen across the miniature rails of the miniature railway +the hobbyist driver is pulling full on the brake +the children behind him are screaming do s/t do s/ National Trust


Funeral + disco, 7 p.m. #flier

Sitting next to you.
Oh boy, sitting next to you!
That would be s/t. #µku

Milkshake, burnt onto the walls, like Pompeii. #g-g-ghost food

Her hands, she had Brautigan beautiful hands

that were like heaven,
 + that were like home.

I wouldn't have objectified her
if her objects hadn't been so fukn great. #µetry

Still so much gouache stains,
like little jam fingerprints over my heart. #µetry

Candy wrapper flash filter Olympus Trip 35; wicked cool toys by Gogo's Chopshop. #beargutstagram

"'My opinion is formed,' replied Ned Land, sharply.  'They are rascals.'

'Good! + from what country?'

'From the land of rogues!'" #20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

Inaugural konstruktor snaps xmas 2013. #shutterbug

arms + limbs + skin
interlocking skeletons
 + dust
 + the electricty between

kissing lips against teeth

ghosts devouring #sex text

"From the butt to the sleeve, crime can leave." #B.M. Spider-Man Spider-Rap

Secret goals are in 1-2, 4-2 (mid-stage), + 4-2 (stage-end) #jump jump

Hold start, press A #P.S.

There is no gender specific pronoun
for six to eight nipples
on a body built for murder.

terwards she asked me if I wanted to examine her on my boat, like she was a corpse.  I told her "examine this" + swore at her behind my book before walking out of that place.  I spent the night getting drunk w/ a hooke #Quincy, M.E.



If I should fail, bury me where my body lies w/ in World 5-3. #Noble.

When I figure this out, you're all f*cked. #honk, bang

"I begin to wish for firelight, privacy, and the limbs of one person." #The Waves

Paper cut. #my ugly cat.

to all of the people who do the thing then tell you that they didn't then tell you that it was your fault anyway. #openletter

Bear legs. #shutterbug

#Pocket pocket library


Wrap it up + work on thru it. #gnarly

a. get into the loft.
b. b/c it is scary.
c. climb down the house.
d. you will be able to get back down. #clubhouse #No Boys Allowed

I don't drink, I don't smoke, if I'm going to do s/t stupid I would like it to be you. #I'm not joking

so I made a book + this drawing is in it + also not really anything to do with it + also how I did it. #GIANTS

Herman Blume: What's the secret, Max?
Max Fischer: The secret?
Herman Blume: Yeah, you seem to have it pretty figured out. #Sic transit gloria.


I am studying Toy Design: Rubber. #grossweirdtoys

I am studying Toy Design: Wood. #Cat Scratch Toy Co.

Peckham D.I.Y. Sept. 17th + chill.  Picture of someone else by someone else. #$$$$

The woman on the bus sitting in front of me, the down on her cheek illuminated by the overhead lights as she drinks a strawberry milkshake.

Her hair is a small ocean of storm blown waves. #Poëm


Attended.  Bought cake. #neighbourhood

That swan is swimming really fast. #May 29th, 21:03


#Bristol Comic + 'zine Fair 2015

Interred in leaves,
residing there,
a creature waits,
devoid of hair.

#b/c he is a twat

I am an artist. #ID4

Q.What is Andy Warhol's favourite snack.
A.Jean-Michel bisquits

It's called culture dipsh*ts ever heard of it #HA-Ha

#nuclear Rr.

I love you anyway. #µetry

 + he's all like what can i say i'm an alien [LAUGH TRACK] + they're all like oh no no f*ck no. #A.l.f.

"But in life - as we have elsewhere seen - this inclined plane is angularly filled up, + almost squared by the enormous superincumbent mass of the junk + sperm." - Herman Melville, Moby D*ck #oh you flirt

Destiny's Child's had such good teeth, it is such a waste. #but at what cost

A GODZILLA that was part of a thing that was given to some other ppl. #also about hair

I would hold your hand so much r/n. #µetry

bite marks on your backside. #µetry

I am an artist. #1-Up

2014 holiday diary: bought candy from one store but it didn't hurt wwwwwhebn we ate it #disappoiint

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"[..] and I shall fail and shall leave nothing behind me but imperfect phrases littered with sand." #The Waves

She is classically beautiful. #I am an artist

"'The door opens, the door goes on opening,' said Neville, 'yet he does not come.'" #The Waves


T. Bag is a Trump Tramp.  Theresa May Not. #Trumpet strumpet


Peckham D.I.Y. any moment now. #$$$$

#shutterbug µetry

Where's Prick? #shutterbug

It's reassuring to know that the reason I'm not successful is b/c I never do anything. #affirmation


"I pressed my lips to his ear and whispered again, It's not your fault.  Perhaps this was really the only thing I had wanted to say to anyone, or be told." #No one belongs here more than you

The world is as soft as lace, + I am a sour candy. #notautobiographical

When I figure this out, you're all f*cked. #honk, bang



All sorts of underground before +after. #shutterbug


When I figure this out, you're all f*cked. #honk, bang

Put this together in about two weeks. #sewer skater

The skittering sound,
reveals your location
beneath boards; I wait. #catpoet

Candy wrapper flash filter Olympus Trip 35. #notautobiographical

I am an artist. #ID4

You are the place that I want to be ((in)). #µetry ((sext))

Hit it 'til it stands no taller than dust. #sex text


EX Red King; special occasion sofubi 2014. #sounds like

Cat scratch. #I am an artist.

#more pep

There is a fundamental discomfort living in a city that you don't love.  I don't even like my bed.  I know the tangle of streets here, + that there are still more that I don't; but exploring them isn't joyful, it's just movement.  It should be joyful.  It should be the simple joy of nothing at all. #Lat. 51.2734589, Lon. 1.0713612

This is not my home.  Shot on a re-constructed konstruktor in 2014. #shutterbug

I have a cat friend.  She speaks cat language. #soft diamonds

Secret goals are in 1-3, 2-4, 2-6, 3-Ghost house, 3-4, 3-5, 4-Mid-castle, 4-Ghost house, 5-Ghost house, 6-5, 6-6, 7-Mid-castle, 7-Ghost house, + 8-2 #jump jump