#Apr. 28

"'What are you crying for?' asked Whomper nearby.

'I don't know, but it feels nice,' replied Misabel." #Moominsummer Madness

I will never learn. #µetry

MUTTS for Cat Scratch toy co. #hi-top sneaks

alternate covers for µetry #µetry

"When a man thinks, there is a spot of fire alive in his mind - and it's proper that he should have the burning point of a cigarette as his one expression." #Atlas Shrugged, which I have read


"He felt a sense of change, of loss.  He longed to say to someone - and who could it be but Harriet? - 'I can only fail.  Never expect anything.  Because of some flaw in me, some wrongness, I can neither succeed nor admit defeat and between the two wait cynically for nothing whatsoever.  When I am touched, I give a false note, like a cracked glass's." #A Game Of Hide And Seek

"He sat in the bus w/ an aloof air as if he were unaccustomed to doing so." #A Game Of Hide And Seek

It's not a pun don't f*ck w/ me. #neighbourhood

Dinosaur is actual scale. #fossil diorama

ody fallen across the miniature rails of the miniature railway +the hobbyist driver is pulling full on the brake +the children behind him are screaming do s/t do s/ National Trust


Funeral + disco, 7 p.m. #flier

Sitting next to you.
Oh boy, sitting next to you!
That would be s/t. #µku

Milkshake, burnt onto the walls, like Pompeii. #g-g-ghost food

Her hands, she had Brautigan beautiful hands

that were like heaven,
 + that were like home.

I wouldn't have objectified her
if her objects hadn't been so fukn great. #µetry

Still so much gouache stains,
like little jam fingerprints over my heart. #µetry

Candy wrapper flash filter Olympus Trip 35; wicked cool toys by Gogo's Chopshop. #beargutstagram

"'My opinion is formed,' replied Ned Land, sharply.  'They are rascals.'

'Good! + from what country?'

'From the land of rogues!'" #20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

Inaugural konstruktor snaps xmas 2013. #shutterbug

arms + limbs + skin
interlocking skeletons
 + dust
 + the electricty between

kissing lips against teeth

ghosts devouring #sex text

"From the butt to the sleeve, crime can leave." #B.M. Spider-Man Spider-Rap

Secret goals are in 1-2, 4-2 (mid-stage), + 4-2 (stage-end) #jump jump

Hold start, press A #P.S.

There is no gender specific pronoun
for six to eight nipples
on a body built for murder.

terwards she asked me if I wanted to examine her on my boat, like she was a corpse.  I told her "examine this" + swore at her behind my book before walking out of that place.  I spent the night getting drunk w/ a hooke #Quincy, M.E.



If I should fail, bury me where my body lies w/ in World 5-3. #Noble.

When I figure this out, you're all f*cked. #honk, bang

It's weird that I can tell precisely how long that panic attack lasted, timestamp on two punctuated words and a username.  An even two hours before I stopped shaking, three more before I could sleep.

I don't leave the house; the forty minutes total over the last four days, walking the block, is the longest and furthest I've gone in months, and that's a f. fight in itself.

I am still not managing to cope with damage done to me something like three and half years ago, and the denial of it, and whatever else after that.  So, yes, trauma, I entirely f. agree.

I need you acknowledge what you did, and why.

Yours, you couldn't deal with better by confronting me, like I've asked you to for this long, or by cutting me out, like I've asked you to for this long; watching me silently online is the only thing that helps. F. your narrative.

Which of these, a year free of my Manipulation and Control, do you think better conveys the damage done to you:

I know, I remember, you were feeling destructive at the time, you wanted distraction, my monstrosity wasn't obstructive.  F. your narrative.

Bravely insisting I stop holding you responsible for what you're responsibe for.

I still don't hate you, I just hate all of this, I need it to stop, everyday, for years.  Deal with me.  Even if it's only in secret, between us, even if it means your maintaining the line with everyone else: deal with me.  We don't have to carry this anymore.

Paper cut. #my ugly cat.

to all of the people who do the thing then tell you that they didn't then tell you that it was your fault anyway. #openletter

Bear legs. #shutterbug

#Pocket pocket library


Wrap it up + work on thru it. #gnarly

a. get into the loft.
b. b/c it is scary.
c. climb down the house.
d. you will be able to get back down. #clubhouse #No Boys Allowed

I don't drink, I don't smoke, if I'm going to do s/t stupid I would like it to be you. #I'm not joking

so I made a book + this drawing is in it + also not really anything to do with it + also how I did it. #GIANTS

Herman Blume: What's the secret, Max?
Max Fischer: The secret?
Herman Blume: Yeah, you seem to have it pretty figured out. #Sic transit gloria.


I am studying Toy Design: Rubber. #grossweirdtoys

I am studying Toy Design: Wood. #Cat Scratch Toy Co.

The woman on the bus sitting in front of me, the down on her cheek illuminated by the overhead lights as she drinks a strawberry milkshake.

Her hair is a small ocean of storm blown waves. #Poëm


Attended.  Bought cake. #neighbourhood

That swan is swimming really fast. #May 29th, 21:03


#One man, &c.

Interred in leaves,
residing there,
a creature waits,
devoid of hair.

#b/c he is a twat

I am an artist. #ID4

Q.What is Andy Warhol's favourite snack.
A.Jean-Michel bisquits

It's called culture dipsh*ts ever heard of it #HA-Ha

#nuclear Rr.

I love you anyway. #µetry

 + he's all like what can i say i'm an alien [LAUGH TRACK] + they're all like oh no no f*ck no. #A.l.f.

"But in life - as we have elsewhere seen - this inclined plane is angularly filled up, + almost squared by the enormous superincumbent mass of the junk + sperm." - Herman Melville, Moby D*ck #oh you flirt

Destiny's Child's had such good teeth, it is such a waste. #but at what cost

A GODZILLA that was part of a thing that was given to some other ppl. #also about hair

I would hold your hand so much r/n. #µetry

bite marks on your backside. #µetry

I am an artist. #1-Up

2014 holiday diary: bought candy from one store but it didn't hurt wwwwwhebn we ate it #disappoiint

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"[..] and I shall fail and shall leave nothing behind me but imperfect phrases littered with sand." #The Waves

She is classically beautiful. #I am an artist

"'The door opens, the door goes on opening,' said Neville, 'yet he does not come.'" #The Waves


T. Bag is a Trump Tramp.  Theresa May Not. #Trumpet strumpet


#shutterbug µetry

Where's Prick? #shutterbug

It's reassuring to know that the reason I'm not successful is b/c I never do anything. #affirmation


"I pressed my lips to his ear and whispered again, It's not your fault.  Perhaps this was really the only thing I had wanted to say to anyone, or be told." #No one belongs here more than you

The world is as soft as lace, + I am a sour candy. #notautobiographical

When I figure this out, you're all f*cked. #honk, bang



All sorts of underground before +after. #shutterbug


When I figure this out, you're all f*cked. #honk, bang

Put this together in about two weeks. #sewer skater

The skittering sound,
reveals your location
beneath boards; I wait. #catpoet

Candy wrapper flash filter Olympus Trip 35. #notautobiographical

I am an artist. #ID4

You are the place that I want to be ((in)). #µetry ((sext))

Hit it 'til it stands no taller than dust. #sex text


EX Red King; special occasion sofubi 2014. #sounds like

Cat scratch. #I am an artist.

#more pep

There is a fundamental discomfort living in a city that you don't love.  I don't even like my bed.  I know the tangle of streets here, + that there are still more that I don't; but exploring them isn't joyful, it's just movement.  It should be joyful.  It should be the simple joy of nothing at all. #Lat. 51.2734589, Lon. 1.0713612

This is not my home.  Shot on a re-constructed konstruktor in 2014. #shutterbug

I have a cat friend.  She speaks cat language. #soft diamonds

Secret goals are in 1-3, 2-4, 2-6, 3-Ghost house, 3-4, 3-5, 4-Mid-castle, 4-Ghost house, 5-Ghost house, 6-5, 6-6, 7-Mid-castle, 7-Ghost house, + 8-2 #jump jump