I looked down at my bed + realised that I was a giant lying in a field.  I had to curl my legs to keep from troubling the boundary fences.  It wasn't even a small field.  It was a big field.

I remembered how it started one morning when I woke up + I was growing.  I was growing so much that it woke me up.

The blanket was disappearing, but it wasn't disappearing at all, I was getting larger.  Larger + larger.  The furntiture was pushing up against the walls.  I had one foot out of the window.  Then I was so big that it was only a toe.  Then I was so big that everything was out of the window b/c the room wasn't any good anymore, much too small.  The whole wall was window, + the ceiling + floors, + the roof.  The house was flat underneath me + I was v. embarrassed.

I was in the rubble of a house that used to be big enough, lying on my side still ((I was still in bed still)).  The house was between me + the ground like it used to be, but not like it used to be.  The distinction between the house + the ground was no longer distinct.

I stood up + bricks fell off.  I stood up + wood + roof slate fell from my head + from my shoulders.  Beams caught in my hair.  Standing up I stood on houses.  I stood on houses + cars + traffic lights.  I was v. embarrassed.

I picked a street lamp like a flower.  To console myself, or to see what it would be like.  I was not consoled.

I was huge, expansive + mortified.

I stood in the crater + the crater came from me standing.  I am not sure by this point if I was still growing b/c everything was reducing further away, too far to measure myself by.  It was reduced by my feet as much as anything; regret.  I made an effort to excuse myself.

I stepped as delicately as I could.  Gingerly is the word.  No catastrophe was ever so ginger as me.  I wore down pavements in a step in place of thousands.  I followed the roads.  I trod gingerly, + the roads + the streets + the houses + signs disappeared beneath + the earth beneath them came up + over them, like standing in sand in the sea.

I was v. embarrassed, but by this point I was getting slightly mad about it.  It wasn't my fault I said out loud, tho my voice at this size is the size of mountains.  I didn't notice this + I was shouting.  It was p. quiet besides.  The sky was somehow beautiful, + there were clouds or no clouds.

So anyway, embarrassment aside, I'm huge now + airplanes are like flies.